3-in-1 Discs

Cutting, Grinding, & Finishing of Stainless and High Carbon Steels

Top performance in a single disc:
• Fast, high-quality cutting
• Great grinding and weld stock removal
• Excellent surface finishing
• Contaminant free: Fe-S-Cl≤0.1%, designed for use on stainless steel
• Additional fibreglass net provides extra strength and flexibility
• Ideal for a wide variety of metal and stainless steel applications: particularly recommended for cutting metal
profiles and thin pipes, and removing weld slag
• Highly cost effective: Eliminate frequent disc changes; stock fewer discs
• Use instead of a flap disc for an excellent finish to the workpiece surface

Angle Grinder 
80 M/S 

 Dimensions  Spec. EAN No. R.P.M.Quantity 
  Inches mm 

 Box Master Box
 115x2.5x22.23 A 36 SBF 812783 13,300 25 
 5x3/32x7/8 125x2.5x22.23 A 36 SBF 814879 12,250  25 
 7x1/8x7/8 180x3.2x22.23 A 36 SBF 870066 8,500  25 
 9x1/8x7/8 230x3.2x22.23 A 36 SBF 886746 6,650  25